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Special Opportunities

USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge

Are you a Quiz enthusiast? Are you a member of both USPC and USHJA? You may have an opportunity to represent USPC at the USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Finals (HQC) held in November each year. HQC participants who are also USPC members may declare participation with either their respective zone team or the Pony Club team once they become eligible for HQC Finals. The finals will have 12 zone teams comprised of three finalists, one Pony Club team comprised of three finalists, and an additional 10 individual finalists who are not already on a team. All HQC participants must complete both the Level One and Two quizzes by September 1, of the year in which they would like to compete.

Visit the HQC webpage to learn more and register for the new season.

USEF Pony Jumper Finals

USEF Pony Jumper Championships takes place each summer at the Kentucky Horse Park in conjunction with the United States Pony Finals. The competition is run by USEF and includes a Team Championship and an Individual Championships. Each Zone within USEF is represented, and USEF has graciously allowed USPC to send a team each year. The dates of this year's competition and other information about the competition and qualification process can be found on the USEF website.

To declare your intent to represent USPC, members must submit a declaration form by March 10. Riders must:

  • Be a current member of USPC in good standing.
  • Have a minimum certification of D-3 Eventing or Hunter Seat Equitation.
  • Be a current USEF member.
  • Ensure their pony is recorded with USEF at the time of declaration.

USPC Declaration: To declare your intent to qualify for the USPC team, please complete the declaration form. Submit the form to the Activities Director at the USPC National Office by March 10. A reminder that USPC declared riders will no longer be eligible to compete for their home Zone for that year's Pony Jumper Championship qualifying period.

Financial Terms: Riders are responsible for their own expenses for travel, entry fees, stabling, etc. to the Pony Jumper Championship. However, in the past years, sponsorships and team fundraising have covered some of the team expenses.

Required Documents: Once a team is selected each pony/rider must fill out a USEF entry blank and are then subject to the rules of the Pony Jumper Championship and USPC.

For more information, contact

Complete the Declaration Form

USPC Research Project Fair

Have you ever looked at your horse and said "I wonder why…?” Is there something you always wanted to learn about your horse? Now you have an excuse to spend time with your best four-legged friend, satisfy your curiosity, and educate your fellow Pony Club members. Participate in the Pony Club Research Fair Competition held the beginning of every year during the USPC Convention.

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Virtual Competitions

Want to participate in competition with members of Pony Clubs from across the country? Virtual Competitions offer members the opportunity to compete without traveling from their home facility!

Virtual competitions are offered during non-Festival years and are open to members of all ages and certification levels. Disciplines will include Dressage, Show Jumping, Trail, and Western Dressage. For more information, contact

Show Jumping

Event Information  |  Entry Form


Event Information  |  Entry Form

Western Dressage

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