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Other Funding Opportunities

Supporting Pony Club comes in many different forms. Whether supporting an International Exchange or Special Opportunity, providing funding for a college scholarship, or donating to continue the National Youth Congress and Academy of Achievement, your gift allows Pony Club to continue to offer these member opportunities. Additional funding opportunities are featured below.

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The Eleanor Brennan Fund

Established in 2008 by friends and family of Eleanor Brennan, it provides funding for the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Eventing Coaches Program workshops hosted by USPC, as well as scholarships for Pony Club instructors and members who attend ECP workshops at other venues.

The Brookfield Conservation Award Fund

This Fund supports the Brookfield Conservation Award, which recognizes outstanding effort made in the area of land conservation, preservation, and stewardship.

For information about applying, please visit the Awards page.

The Margo Leithead Cornerstone Award for Execellence in Horse Management Fund

This Fund supports the Margo Leithead Cornerstone Award for Execellence in Horse Management, named in honor of Pony Club's 19th President, Margo Leithead, and recognizes the teams that demonstrate excellence in Horse Management during competition in all disciplines during USPC Championships event(s). This award was first presented in 2014 during the Championships portion of Festival.

The Mattingley Leadership Training Fund

Provides volunteer training, development, and support programs for local, regional, and national leaders including, but not limited to, District Commissioners, Center Administrators, Regional Supervisors, and Board of Governors members.

The Middle Tennessee Pony Club Fund

Provides support annually to the Quiz Championships competition of The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., and to recognize all of the Pony Club members, alumni, and volunteers of the Middle Tennessee Pony Club, one of the original clubs of USPC.

The Penrose National Examiner Training Fund

Supports the National Testing Training programs for National Examiners and Apprentice National Examiners.

The Reader Horse Management Educational Fund

The Reader Horse Management Educational Fund helps to provide travel grants to volunteer Provisional Chief Horse Management Judges to fulfill their requirements to become a Chief Horse Management Judge.

Interested in applying? Visit the CHMJ & HMO Resource page for more information.

The USPC Disaster Relief Fund

The Disaster Relief Fund aids Pony Club families and horses in the aftermath of an accident or natural disaster, such as fires, hurricanes, and floods.

For more information or assistance with the application process, please contact the Development Director.

The USPC Endowment Fund

This permanently established fund grows through life memberships, bequests, donations, and other means as recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Governors. The purpose of this fund is to provide program excellence in USPC operations.