Volunteer with Pony Club

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Volunteers truly emulate the Pony Club values of leadership, teamwork, and stewardship.  EVERY volunteer is an integral part of Pony Club, whether they are on the Board of Governors, a Regional Supervisor, a club officer or center leader, or a family member or friend helping for the day.  Parents, alumni, and others are encouraged to use their talents, skills, and interests in a variety of ways as a USPC volunteer. Horse knowledge is not required for many roles.

Pony Club provides information and continuing education for volunteers through seminars and workshops, webinar presentations, handbooks, email discussion groups, and through easy-to-access online core materials and information.

Adult Code of Conduct

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USPC respects and values every volunteer within the organization and expects mutual respect among all volunteers. All adults within the organization, including but not limited to volunteers, parents, and members, are subject to the USPC Adult Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to USPC By-Laws, Polices, Rules, Regulations, and Code of Conduct may, at the discretion of USPC, result in being restricted from attendance or participation in Pony Club activities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, situations between adults are not considered bullying. USPC classifies most comparable actions between adults as inappropriate behavior, which is a violation of the Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behavior shall be addressed by the relative level of leadership at which the behavior occurs. Any occurrence of violence—whether the act or threat of violence—should be reported to local authorities immediately or as soon as safely possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

If members are the foundation of Pony Club, our volunteers are the ultimate support. Without leaders, officers, officials, rally organizers, Horse Management judges, National Examiners, and so many more, Pony Club would be unable to provide the equine education our members rely on to grow and advance.

Read more on the Volunteer Opportunities page to discover the numerous positions and options available.