Youth members smiling together

Region Key Responsibilities

Overall: Carry out the vision and goals of USPC by supporting club/center programs and connecting members.

Support and Oversee Club/Center Formation, Operation and Programs

  • Support and oversee club/center operations and programs, with particular focus on:
    • Appointment of DCs, JtDCs.
    • Adequacy and health of fiscal matters in the clubs.
    • Adequacy of instruction to the Standards of Proficiency.
  • Know and utilize the process for forming a new club/center and promote Pony Club to viable prospects.
  • Be familiar with applicability of regional provisional status and formal process for discontinuing a club/center.
  • Complete annual club/center evaluations.

Mentor, Support and Nurture Club, Center and Regional Leaders/Volunteers

  • Be familiar with and communicate job descriptions.
  • Know and communicate position requirements; facilitate volunteer training.
  • Promote and recognize volunteers manage interactions and potential conflict.
  • Establish effective and supportive region/club/center communication and interactions.

Provide Member Opportunities Beyond the Local Level

  • Organize enhanced learning opportunities:
    • Offer camps, clinics, and seminars based on Standards of Proficiency (local and national levels, as appropriate).
    • Hold regional and/or multi-region rallies.
    • Host National Level Tests, as appropriate.
  • Facilitate qualification and eligibility for Championships.
  • Model and comply with safety requirements at regional activities and events.
  • Enable opportunities for members outside the region, such as: National Youth Board, National Youth Congress, Competitive Opportunities, International Exchanges, College Scholarships, activities & contests.

Satisfy All Legal and Fiscal Obligations

  • Read and frequently refer to By-Laws, Policies & Resolutions, paying particular attention to:
    • Requirements for Council Meetings, especially mandatory Annual Regional Council meeting (Region By-Laws, Article 4).
    • Recommend/Elect officers according to requirements (Region By-Laws, Article 2 & 4.1 b).
    • Know and comply with financial/tax/non-profit requirements and utilization of the USPC Centralized Financial Reporting System.
  • Review and remain familiar with Officer/Leader requirements.
  • Establish and maintain an effective Regional Council.
  • Awareness and maintenance of any regional procedures.
  • Acquire and maintain insurance coverage for all meeting/activity locations.
  • Be familiar with document retention/destruction requirements.

Carry out Responsibilities to the National Organization

  • Complete year-end requirements in a timely manner.
  • Create and submit all financial and IRS reports.