Girl on grey horse and girl on black horse smiling

What Will I Gain from a USPC Membership?

Pony Club is an educational organization with a program that teaches riding and horsemanship. Pony Club fundamentals include instruction, safety, sportsmanship, stewardship, and leadership. The skills, habits, and values instilled through horsemanship apply to many aspects of life. Good horsemanship extends far beyond skills in the saddle.

Pony Club members gain an impressive depth of knowledge in equine behavior, training, health and fitness, nutrition, veterinary care, and the correct use of equipment. Strong business skills are built through stable management: budgeting, recordkeeping, and interacting with professionals in the equine industry. Members have opportunities to get further involved through volunteer leadership positions, as well as additional programs, such as international exchanges, regional and national clinics, youth boards, and college scholarships.

There are a variety of different membership types, and membership is open to all ages and experience levels—whether you are just starting or have been actively involved with horses for years.

What Membership Option is Right for Me?

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