IPE International Exchange team members

Supporting International Dreams

The International Exchange and Special Opportunities Fund supports all competitive and cultural exchanges in which United States Pony Clubs (USPC or Pony Club) members participate, and particularly when USPC hosts an exchange. These international exchanges afford each participant a new cultural educational experience, often with a competitive team endeavor, whether hosted in the United States or abroad. Most exchange trips last a couple of weeks. Members travel with their team and stay with a host family in the country where they are competing. Exchanges are offered in the disciplines of Dressage, Eventing (Inter-Pacific Exchange), Foxhunting, Mounted Games, Quiz, and Tetrathlon.

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Current Exchanges and Teams

2024 International Quiz Exchange

Hosted by the United States, July 10–20, 2024

Team Members: Laura C. (Eastern Pennsylvania), Anna J. (Midsouth), Mason K. (Great Lakes), Lillian W. (Virginia)
Team Manager: Ann Hill

2024 International Tetrathlon Exchange

Hosted by Ireland the United Kingdom, July 23–August 11, 2024

Team Members: Michaela F. (Midwest), Anderson R. (Eastern Pennsylvania)
Team Manager/Coach: Robin Wherry

2024 International Mounted Games Exchange

Hosted by Canada, August 28–September 8, 2024

Team Members:  Riley F. (Tri-State Region), Claire M. (Maryland Region), Mariana R. (Sunshine Region), Stella R. (Sunshine Region)
Team Manager: TBD
Coach: TDB