Friends on the Fence

USPC Heritage Society

The USPC Heritage Society recognizes individuals who have included Pony Club in their estate plans.  A planned gift is an opportunity to express thanks to special people in your life, establish lasting memorials to family and friends, and to contribute to organizations and causes in which you believe. Remembering Pony Club in your estate plans is a wonderful way to acknowledge the impact that Pony Club has had in your life as a member, volunteer, or parent.

Examples of planned gifts include:

  • Bequests
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Pooled Income Funds
  • Gifts of Retirement Assets, including IRAs.

If you would like more information on including provisions for Pony Club in your estate plans and would like your name added to the list of Heritage Society members, please contact the Development Department.

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Thank you to the many loyal Pony Club friends who have expressed their commitment to the organization through a planned gift. This lasting tribute will guarantee opportunities for future generations of Pony Club members.

Anonymous (2)
Sue Allmart
Mike Amos
Holly B. Becker
Dawn Renzy Bellinger
Cathy Williams Berlin
William Franklin Bierman**
Tammee Buckley
Larry Byers
Patricia Byers**
Robert M.** and Georgia B. Compton
Olive D. Overly Cook**
Julia P. Cronin
A. Neil and Patricia DeAtley**
H. Benjamin Duke III
Ellen M. Fischer
Melanie M. and Donald R. Heacock
George L. Helwig**
Martha C. Helbert**
Jody and Richard Hoffman
Margaret B. Humphrey**
Mrs. Phelps S. Hunter**
Janette Jensen
George E. Joseph**
Lazelle S. Knocke**
Robert J. Kutil**
Richard B. Lamb

Margo P. Leithead**
Toby Ann Levy**
James K. Ligon**
John L. Love**
Nancy Love**
Georgiana H. McCabe**
Emsie M. Parker**
Lori J. Pickett
Alburta Pierson**
Tom and Mary Pierson
Cynthia S. Piper
Sophie H. Pirie
Eric and Joy Poling
Alexandra Poteat
Constance M. Price**
Heather Beldon Rosenker
Anna Savelesky
LTC George C. Slusher**
Carol J. Smith
Joyce Smith**
Austin and Susan Smith
Vita C. Thompson**
Marian R. Wahlgren
John A. F. Wendt**
Erin Woodall
Roger and Marilyn Yike

** indicates deceased