Adult member on chestnut horse jumping blue and white jump

Competition in Pony Club

Pony Club competitions, known as Rallies, provide members with the opportunity to showcase their expertise in both Horse Management (HM) and riding. Participants, organized into teams that can include members of varying ages and skill levels, compete collectively in all disciplines. A team typically consists of three or four mounted members and one Stable Manager who assists in various aspects of the competition.

Pony Club emphasizes the values of independence and teamwork. During competitions, the barn area is restricted to members only, excluding parents, coaches, and chaperones. This exclusive access allows members to demonstrate their abilities, working collaboratively under the guidance of a team of Horse Management Judges present in the barns. These knowledgeable individuals are on hand to address queries, conduct safety checks, and offer education and feedback on the teams' horse care skills throughout the competition.

Rallies are commonly organized by the region, although clubs or centers may host them as needed. Depending on the area, there might be multiple rallies for each discipline per year.

Standard Rallies

Standard rallies specifically follow the discipline rulebooks including a Chief Horse Management Judge (CHMJ) from the approved CHMJ list and any other specified licensed officials. By attending a standard rally, members are eligible for certain divisions of Championships.

Modified Rallies

Modified rallies may not be utilizing specified officials, attire or equipment per the discipline rulebook. Participation in a modified rally makes some members eligible for modified divisions of Championships as long as the age, certification, and discipline specific competition eligibility requirements outlined in the discipline rulebook are met.

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