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Online Memberships

We know maintaining a connection to Pony Club can be important to many people. Our Online Membership options allow you to do just that. The first point of contact is an online profile, available to any Online Membership type, which provides access to a number of equine educational resources.

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If you’ve been a member before, perhaps you want to continue being a part of the United States Pony Clubs even if you aren’t participating in events or working with horses at the moment.  Stay connected as an Alumni Member during transitional times of live, such as college or when career and family obligations may keep you from being as actively involved. Even if you’ve had a long hiatus from USPC, you may become an Alumni Member at any time. Any former member of Pony Club is welcome back as an Alumni Member.

If you’ve never been a member of the United States Pony Clubs, you can still support the mission of USPC to be the leading source and voice of education in horse care, safety, and equestrian pursuits through a Friend Membership.

The final Online Membership type is the Pony Club IQ E-Membership, which is perfect for those who want to continue learning from the United States Pony Clubs. Pony Club IQ is an interactive online membership that gives you access to Pony Club publications, top-notch equine educational materials, and more.

Alumni Membership

Current Dues:  $35 per 365-day term, based on the anniversary of the join date.

Through an Alumni Membership, you will be supporting the organization’s mission financially through your dues, AND you can showcase how proud you are to be an alum by wearing your alumni pin anywhere you go. You will also get online access to Pony Club publications. This option gives you the opportunity to continue on as a proud member of the Pony Club family.

Become an Alumni Member

Friend Membership

Current Dues: $35 per 365-day term, based on the anniversary of the join date.

A Friend Membership is perfect for individuals who are over the age of 18 who want to proudly support the organization. It’s perfect for volunteers, instructors, parents, grandparents, other family members, and any member of the equine community who knows the value that USPC provides through its educational programs. Become a Friend member and wear your USPC friend pin at any time. In addition, you can enjoy reading Pony Club publications online.

Become a Friend Member

Introductory E-Membership

Current Dues: FREE

This free membership option is perfect for those who want to know more about the Pony Club program and experience. Create your own personal profile, access Pony Club's digital publications, and begin your journey today!

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Pony Club IQ E-Membership

Current Dues: $15 per 365-day term, based on the anniversary of the join date.

A Pony Club IQ E-Membership is a yearly, renewable membership.  The content provided through our unique Pony Club IQ portal focuses on horse health, care, and management, is written by experts at and reviewed by veterinarians, all while being organized according to the Pony Club curriculum and the Standards of Proficiency. This membership is also perfect for those who want to understand what the Pony Club curriculum will cover and who want to jumpstart their learning.

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