Participating Memberships

Participating Memberships

Pony Club is an educational organization with a program that teaches riding and horse care and management to members of all ages through our participating memberships—either with a Club/Center Membership or a National Membership. As members progress through the curriculum with a local Pony Club or at a Pony Club Riding Center in the Club/Center Membership, they develop life skills, such as a sense of responsibility and community, leadership, confidence, sportsmanship, organizational skills, and more. The skills, habits, and values instilled through Pony Club’s curriculum apply to many areas of a person’s life—within Pony Club and beyond.

Participating members gain an impressive depth of knowledge in equine behavior, training, health and fitness, nutrition, veterinary care, and the correct use of equipment. Strong business skills are built through stable management, which includes budgeting, recordkeeping, and interacting with professionals in the equine industry.

Both types of Participating members share their knowledge with other members as they learn, and they have opportunities to get more involved through volunteer leadership positions. A variety of programs are available for Participating members, such as international exchanges, regional and national clinics, youth boards, and college scholarships.

Pony Club has developed responsible, knowledgeable equestrians at all levels and in many different disciplines. A club or center membership with the United States Pony Clubs is the most comprehensive way to begin, or continue, your journey with horses as you learn and become the best equestrian you can be.

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A note about Adult Participating Members from USPC:
All club, center, and national members of the United States Pony Clubs, aged 18 and over, are required to provide proof of SafeSport™ Trained Core Course completion. For more details, please see the Member Protection Training page.

In addition, all members aged 21 and over must complete a favorable USPC or USEF background check. Residents of Pennsylvania may need to submit valid Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearances if applicable. For more details, please see the Background Checks page.

Club/Center Membership

2024 National Dues
New Member: $155
Renewing Member: $145

Individuals with a Club/Center Membership can focus on a discipline of their choice and progress through the certification levels at their own pace, starting at the basic, or local level. Discipline track options at the local level include Dressage, Hunter Seat Equitation, and Western. As members progress to earning certifications at the more advanced national level, they can focus on Dressage, Eventing, and Show Jumping.

Individuals wishing to join a club or center should visit the Find a Club or Center page to locate the program nearest them. Members join directly through their local program, paying national, regional, and club/centers dues at that time.

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  • Member/Parent Instructions for Online Membership Submission
  • Instructions for Online Membership Renewal

Having trouble completing the online application?
If you are unable to complete an online membership submission, a hard copy may be used. This form must be completed and submitted to the club/center you wish to join. The District Commissioner or Center Administrator will submit your paperwork to the National Office with the appropriate payment. Please note: Membership activation may be delayed when submitting a hard copy application.

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National Membership

2024 National Dues
National Membership: $195

For former members 18 or older, with a C-2 Horse Management certification level or above, who wish to rejoin but who are not able to participate with a specific club or center on a regular basis, a National Membership allows the opportunity to be a member of Pony Club on a national level without a specific region, club, or riding center affiliation. National members, as well as Club/Center Members, can participate in regional activities, such as rallies, USPC Championships, etc.

Individuals eligible for National Membership pay dues directly to the Pony Club National Office. Often, National Members pay as they go to participate in club/center or regional activities. Contact should be made with the officers/leaders hosting the activity regarding availability and to determine if any additional dues/payments are required.

Complete a 2024 Membership Application

To join as a National Member, submission of a hard copy membership application (available to download above) for the current year is required. Please complete the application and mail it, along with a check for the National Membership dues, to:

USPC National Office
Attn: Member Services Department
4041 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511